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Washer Maintenance and Repair

Donít Overload Your Washer. We've seen people try and load their washers as if they were trash compactors. Overloading your washer is one of the worst things that you can to your machine. It causes the machine to work much harder than it should, and thus reduces the life expectancy of your appliance. Try and load your machine no more than two-thirds full. This may cost a bit more time, water, and electricity, but it will save you in repairs and appliance purchases in the long wrong. Go easy on your washer and it will last for years.

How to Solve Washer Odor. To neutralize the occasional washer oder you can add 1:4 cups baking soda to distilled vinegar. Run the washer and wait for the water to rise before adding your anti-odor mixture. First run the machine on a hot cycle, then on a cold cycle. If this doesn't remove the washer's odor, then check around for special products designed to eliminate washer odor.

Dryer Maintenance and Repair

Clean the Lint Filter Every Time. Increasing the life span of your dryer is simple. Make Sure to clean your dryer's lint filter before or after each use. Also, make sure the dryer's vent and vent hose aren't blocked either.

Save Energy and Save Money. The heat that dryers produce is caused by ample amounts of electricity running through the machine. Running your dryer less will save you money on your electricity bill. If you can, try and hang-dry your clothes instead. Also make sure that you're not "over drying" your clothes. Having dry clothes run through the dryer is uneccesary and will cost you extra money.

Fridge Maintenance and Repair

Level Your Refrigerator. Check if your fridge is level by using a carpenter's level. A refrigerator that is off balance may have problems with its doors closing properly, preventing an air-tight seal from forming. This can cause you to spend more money on your energy bill due to the extra power it takes to kep your perishable goods cold.

Clean your refrigerators coils and condenser fins. Overtime your refrigerator's condenser fins and heats coils will accumulate grease and dirt that can reduce the efficiency of your refrigerator. Lowered refrigerator efficiency means that you'll be spending more on your electricty bill ever month. There are a few companies that specialize in making cleaners that can can make this job easier. Also, keep your refrigerator about half a foot away from a wall so that it can breathe easier.

Microwave Maintenance and Repair

Clean your microwave. Bits of food from splattered microwaved meals accumulate on the walls of your microwave. Removing this particles will increase your microwaves effeciency because the appliance wont have to waste energy on heating up these stray food particles.

Don't run your microwave without food or beverages in it. Your microwave is designed to heat up foods and liquids placed inside it, but when theres no food or liquid present the abundance of heat radiates back to the machine and can severely damage your microwave.

Oven Maintenance and Repair

Clean your burners. A clogged burner is less efficient than a clean one. Here's a quick and simple guide to cleaning your range.

Step 1: With the range turned off, remove the clogged burner.
Step 2: Cleanse the burner by letting it soak in a cleaning solution. Dilluted amonia may work. After you bathe your clogged burner for a decent time you should be able to easily wipe off most food debris with a rag.
Cuation: Don't use fragile instruments to clean out the burner's holes as they may break off and cause blockage.
Step 3: You can now place your burner unit back in its place, but only after it is completely dry.

Use Correct Power Supply: Running your oven with less power than its designed for can reduce your ovens efficiency. It will take longer to reach its desired temperature, if it even makes it to its desired temperature at all.

Light bulbs: In most cases you can change your oven's light bulb without assistance. Most oven's take a 40-watt lightbulb which isn't difficult to come by.

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